John G. West Political Scientist and Cultural Critic


Credit: All photos by John West.

New Exhibition on the Bible and Science Opens in Nation’s Capital

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The Biggest Obstacle to Accepting Intelligent Design

Photo: Museum of Criminal Anthropology in Turin, Italy, by John G. West.

In the Footsteps of Social Darwinist Cesare Lombroso

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How Science Fueled the White Supremacist Mass Murderer in Buffalo, NY

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Do Scientists Have Freedom to Question Darwinism?

Second-Reich-Discovery Institute
mage source: The Biology of the Second Reich, via Discovery Institute

Censored by YouTube: Watch The Biology of the Second Reich Now

1983_Minnesota_Twins_Postcards_John_Castino_Wikimedia Commons
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Can Evidence of a Creator Bring Hope?

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Ever Thought You Could Change Someone’s Mind?

Young-C.-S.-Lewis-The Most Reluctant Convert
Photo: The Most Reluctant Convert

Humanity: Natural Selection’s Ultimate Challenge According to C. S. Lewis 

C.-S.-Lewis-Photo-Asar Studios Alamy
Photo: C. S. Lewis, via Asar Studios/Alamy (Celestial Images).

C. S. Lewis and Theistic Evolution

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