Photo: James Tour speaking at the 2019 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, via Discovery Institute
John G. West Political Scientist and Cultural Critic

James Tour Responds to Critics of Dallas Lecture

Published at Evolution News

In January, Professor James Tour of Rice University delivered a terrific lecture on “The Mystery of the Origin of Life” at a Dallas conference organized by Discovery Institute. The lecture hit a nerve, already attracting 74,000+ views on YouTube. It also provoked a firestorm, with various people claiming that Tour got his facts wrong or was even “lying” to the audience. I invited Tour to respond to his critics, and he has now posted his letter to me on his website. The letter is well worth a read for anyone interested in the continuing scientific debate over the origin of the first life. I will be publishing a more detailed article about this controversy later today, but I wanted to highlight Tour’s response to critics as soon as it became available.

Photo: James Tour speaking at the 2019 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, via Discovery Institute.

John G. West

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